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Life is too short to only worry about work.
In true PaperWad Ideas style, I believe you need to enjoy life,
and one way to do that is through bar-bq. Luckily while traveling around the country, I have
had the pleasure of trying a lot of great Bar-B-Que. This webpage is a way to let you know
about these great (and not so great) places.

Now I'm not going to get into the regional debate of what is "real" barbecue.
For me,  if it has at some time been near some smoke and has some kind of seasoning,
then I are going to eat it and call it bar-b-q.

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Remember, any day with BBQ is a good day, so go out and have a good BBQ day!!
Arthur Bryant's Barbeque- Kansas City, MO - 1727 Brooklyn Ave - www.arthurbryantsbbq.com
This is probably the best known of the KC barbeque houses. It has been visited by the famous and
infamous. However, don't expect anything much more than smoked meats, beans and fries. Not
that there is anything wrong with that.

Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q - Decatur, AL - 1715 6th Ave, SE - www.bigbobgibsonbbq.com
We all know the colors of bar-b-q, white sauce and bright green slaw. Whoops, that was a surprise.
This place has been an institution for over 75 years, so they do it the way they want to do it. The
white sauce cooked on the chicken is good, while the green slaw...is pretty. Truthfully, we were not
overwhelmed with Big Bob's, but it would be worth a try if your in the area.

Big R's Barbeque - Lagrange, KY - 109 Walnut St. - www.bigrsbarbeque.com
There are three levels to my food rating system; Good (if it is below good, why bother?), You Know
What Sounds Good, and You Know What I Want! Big R's is a definite, You Know What I Want! From
some of the best ribs you can have, to the sides,to the homemade desserts, this is what real
barbeque is all about. Also, you can't have a meal with a nicer group of people.

Bootleg Bar-B-Q - Okolona, KY - 7508 Preston Hwy
I'm worried about Bootleg. While they still have good ribs and beans, they have expanded to
numerous locations and as the number of restaurants grows, the quality lessens. I tried the latest
addition and was very, well, bored with it. Stick with the original at the address above.

Bubbalou's Bodacious Bar-B-Que - Orlando, FL - 12100 Challenger Pkwy - www.bubbalous.com
Rule #178 - Beware of "Best of" lists, even from alternative newspapers (usually a good
resource.) This place was list the Best of Orlando, but it isn't the best of anything, even though it
has pretty good pulled pork and the garage doors are cool.

Budro's Rib Joint - Ardmore, OK - 1606 Mclish Ave
When we went to this place years ago, it was a great place for Oklahoma/Texas bbq, including
some of the best ribs we tasted. Add to this a unique interior design and it was a top visit.
However, the addition of pizza, wraps etc, to the menu worries me.

Cape Fear BBQ - Clinton, NC - 1522 Sunset Ave
This is good ole basic Eastern Carolina BBQ. The chopped pork was covered in vinegar and had a
nice spice to it, as did the Brunswick Stew. The potato salad (yes, I know, I should have gotten
slaw, but it was late) had a unique sweetness that balanced everything out very well.

Corky's BBQ - Memphis, TN - 5229 Popular Ave - www.corkysbbq.com
A Memphis tradition and definitely well earned. Corky's has a great pork shoulder sandwich with
slaw and unique spicy sauce. Also the atmosphere couldn't be better. However, beware that the
further away from the Memphis a Corky's restaurant is, the worse the food.

Dreamland Bar-b-que - Birmingham, AL - 1427 14th Ave S - www.dreamlandbbq.com
When they bring a stack of white bread and cups of sauce to your table before you order, you know
you are in the right place. Let me order for you (trust me): slab of ribs, side of potato salad,
banana pudding and sweet tea. This combination will get you into heaven.

Dreamland Bar-B-Que - East Tuscaloosa, AL - 5535 15th Street - www.dreamlandbbq.com
This is the original and it deserves a separate listing. Here are your choices for food: half slab or
full slab of ribs, sweet or unsweetened tea, and banana pudding or nothing. When you do things this
good, there is no reason to have any other choices (and they don't, except for a bag of chips.) This
is my first listing with 4 lines for a reason. If you are within 100 miles of this place, don't miss it.

FABD Smokehouse - Louisville, KY - 3204 Frankfort Ave.
What could be better than a semi-dive bar that has indoor ping-pong and its own free 9 hole
miniature golf course? A semi-dive bar with some of the best bar-b-q (and sides) I have had. If you
are in Louisville, don't miss it. Where else will you can you sink a putt while gnawing on a rib?

Firefresh BBQ - Louisville, KY - 3065 Breckinridge Ln - www.firefreshbbq.com
Firefresh BBQ (formerly Firehouse BBQ) has just started trying to franchise their stores. With
that, the food is getting less and less exciting. They have something they call Bama Red Ribs, which
I don't know what that means, but they are good.

Gardner's - Rocky Mount, NC - 1331 N Wesleyan Rd
Good little place that looked like an old Kentucky Fried Chicken (or at least I think it did because
it was very late and very dark outside.) This where we first ran across hush puppies with
barbecue. I don't know if it makes sense, but they sure tasted good.

Gates & Sons Bar-b-q - Kansas City, MO - 3205 Main St. - www.gatesbbq.com
This is my favorite of the KC bar-b-q's. Nothing fancy, but just good. The first time I had it was
late at night after a long trip. The store was closing as I ordered, so I took it back to our hotel
and ate it on the bed. Maybe the closest on a bed I have ever been to heaven.

Interstate BarBQ - Memphis, TN - Airport - www.jimneelysinterstatebarbecue.com
I know that Interstate is a Memphis tradition, but I have never been able to make it to one of
the restaurants. However, I can say that this was by far the best barbq I have ever had in an

Iron Works BBQ - Austin, TX - 100 Red River St. - www.ironworksbbq.com
For me, this is the place. BBQ doesn't get better than this. Don't miss the combo plate w/ ribs,
brisket and smoked sausage. Order a Shiner Bock and take it all out to porch and sit along the
creek. Don't worry about the holes in the ceiling inside. They are suppose to be there.

Jim 'n Nick's BarBQ - Birmingham, AL - 744 29th St S - www.jimnnicks.com
Technically, this is a chain but I don't have them where I live, so I tried it. For chains, it is one of
the better ones. You can find their stores throughout the south. If you are looking for something
safe, this is a good choice.

Jucy's Smokehouse Bar-B-Q - Pewee Valley, KY - 7626 New Lagrange Rd
Jucy's is what a bar-b-q joint should look like and fortunately, this is what it should taste like, too.
The specialties are the pulled pork and the beef brisket, but you can't go wrong with anything you
choose. Just outside of Louisville, it is worth the trip if you are passing through the area.

Ken-Tex Bar-B-Q - Shelbyville, KY - 1163 Mount Eden Rd (KY53)
This is one of those little hidden places that just does a good job. Just off I-64 between
Louisville and Lexington, they try to do what the name says, combine Kentucky and Texas bar-b-q
and they do it with success. Don't forget to try the green beans. They're some of the best.

Kentucky Bar-B-Cue Company - Louisville, KY - 1800 Frankfort Ave.
This is run by the people who used to have Bourbon Bros. BBQ, which was one of my favorites. But,
something happened in the move. It is still good, and has some unique items (Barbecue Reuben), but
the pizazz is missing. However the new place is great place to listen to live, local music.

Mark's Feed Store - Louisville, KY - 1514 Bardstown Rd - www.marksfeedstore.com
This has now become a local chain, that was much better as a couple of stores. What used to be a
great place for pulled pork, now serves dry, boring sandwich. However, there are few things in life
as good as their onions straws covered with the red BBQ sauce.

Montgomery Inn - Cincinnati,OH - 925 Eastern Ave. - www.montgomeryinn.com
Okay, I know some people won't count this as a real bar-b-q joint, because truthfully it's not. But
if you are a Cincinnati Reds' fan, you have to go here before a game. Between the sports
memorabilia, river view and decent ribs, it is a good vacation stop.

Moonlite Bar-B-Q Inn - Owensboro, KY - 2840 W. Parrish Ave - www.moonlite.com
I know this place is famous, but I was truly not impressed. The mutton (a regional tradition) was
good , but I've had better. However, I will say that the thick and spicy sauce makes a great sauce
for MY famous bar-b-q shrimp pizza (made only on Christmas day.)

Neely's Bar-B-Que - Nashville, TN - 2292 Metrocenter Blvd - www.neelysbbq.com
Let me just say two things: Bar-B-Que Spaghetti and Bar-B-Que Nachos. Order one of each and
you'll have enough to feed four people. Great outdoor seating along some river. (Couldn't really tell
which river it was over the mound of bar-b-que nachos.)

Old Appalachian BBQ - Black Mountain, NC - 207 S RidgewayAve
A very small place about the size of an Ollie's Trolley. (If you don't know what an Ollie's Trolley
is, you're missing out.) This is the first place  I had slaw on BBQ. I wasn't sure at first, but let's
put it this way. My first one was at lunch and my second one was at dinner the same day.

Ole Hickory Pit Bar-B-Cue - Louisville, KY - 6106 Shepardsville Rd
Now this is the place for mutton. Nice place that specializes in real Western KY bar-b-cue. In
addition to the mutton sandwich they have all the basics including smoked hams. All the sides are
made from scratch and include new potato salad, country style green beans and fried cornbread.

Pig City BBQ - Louisville, KY -12003 Shelbyville Rd - www.pigcitybbq.com
Ever heard, "don't judge a book by it's cover?" That is Pig City. It looks like a chain restaurant,
but isn't. It's just a very, nice place. They use cherry wood to smoke and while I'm a brisket
person, the pork is the way to go (along with the smoked chicken wings and the ribs.)

Red, Hot and Blue - various cities - www.redhotandblue.com
Okay, okay, I know this isn't a bbq joint. Okay, I also know this is a chain. However, I had to
include it because this is the first place I ever had dry rub ribs and after the first rack I was

R.O's Bar-B-Que - Gastonia, NC - 1318 Gastonia Ave - www.rosbbq.com
This is one unique place. First, it has a slaw that is indescribably wonderful. Is it a slaw? Is it a
sauce? Who knows, but it's good. Second, they serve Cherry Lemon Sundrop, which was a great
treat. Finally, they have car hops. If your in the Charlotte, NC area, make sure to drop by.

Shane's Rib Shack - Louisville, KY and other places  - www.shanesribshack.com
I don't like chain restaurants in general, and I hate chain bbq restaurants. In general, the food is
bland and usually all tastes the same. Most of the time, the food is fixed for the masses, which
therefore means boring and totally forgettable. I hate chains. Shane's is a chain. Enough said.

Smithfield's Chicken and BarBQ - Garner, NC - www.smithfieldschicken.com
You know, this place is fine but nothing that jumps out at us. If your driving in NC and are hungry,
you could do a lot worse than Smithfield's (like a McRib.)

Smoketown USA Pit Bar-B-Que and Tex-Mex - Louisville, KY - 1153 Logan St.
You have to love a place that serves ribs and menudo on the same menu. The bar-b-que menu is only
ribs, and chicken and pork sandwiches. The ribs were very good, but had a little too much sauce. It
is a unique place and worth a visit, if for nothing else but to try the potato salad with jalapenos.

Stamey's Barbecue - Greensboro, NC - 2706 High Point Rd - www.stameys.com
Worst slaw I have ever had in my life, until I put it on the barbecue. If you don't understand the
barbecue/slaw thing, this is the place to learn about it. Get the pork platter. Try the slaw, spit it
out, then put it on the barbecue and you will be a convert to this Lexington-style NC barbecue.

Stepto's Bar B Q Shack - Evansville, IN - 4430 N First Ave - www.thebarbqshack.com
This was our replacement for Wolf's (see below) and it billed itself as championship bar-b-q.
Truthfully, we didn't see it. It was a nice place and food was decent, but nothing spectacular.
Everything needed a little more seasoning.

Stubbs - Austin, TX - 801 Red River St - www.stubbsaustin.com
Yes, Stubbs has gotten to be big time, but it still has good BBQ. Go for the ribs and brisket (you
are in Texas) and try to catch a show, either a Sunday Gospel Brunch or one of the numerous
concerts. Inside of the restaurant is a great atmosphere.

Vince Staten's Old Time Barbecue - Prospect, KY - 13306 US Hwy 42
A former newspaper writer and author wrote the book on barbecue, literally, After his book
, he decided to try it himself. Great smoked meats and a variety of BBQ sauce styles.
Beware that the service can be interesting, but definitely worth a trip.

Wagg's BBQ to Go - Woodward. OK - 1224 7th St
Okay, you have to be really looking for bbq (or lost) to be in Woodward, but this place could be
worth it. Great ribs and a cool gas station theme for the restaurant.

Wilbur's BBQ - Goldsboro, NC- 4177 US Highway 70 E
This is my favorite Carolina BBQ. It is the classic eastern BBQ made of whole pork and the
vinegar based. I heard stories about this place, but didn't believe it until I tried it. Goldsboro can
be out of the way for travelers, but if you are within 50 miles, find it.

Wild Horse Mtn. BBQ - Sallisaw, OK - Highway 59
Guest PW BBQ Correspondent - Nick Scroggins
Try Wildhorse bbq in Sallisaw,ok. Ribs are tender, sandwiches are awesome and beans unreal. It's
small and there are a ton of pictures of country singers who are all over the walls who eat there
often. Military choppers land across the road and eat. Try it. Won't be sorry.

Wick's Pizza - Louisville, KY - 975 Baxter Ave - www.wickspizza.com
Yes, we know this isn't a barbeque place, but two things. First, it has a killer (and we mean killer)
Bar-B-Q Chicken Pizza and second, it has the best pizza on the planet, so we try to promote it
whenever we can.

Wolf's Barbeque Restaurant - Evansville, IN - 6600 N 1st Ave
When you drive around beautiful Evansville for two hours trying to find this place, remember one
thing. It is closed on Mondays. Check Stepto's above to see where we ended up.
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